Monday, February 14, 2011

Sounds of Belize

I do not live in a quiet area. It starts each morning just before dawn, when the birds greet the coming day. There are hundreds of them right around my building, and they squawk and call to each other for a couple of hours. They are very dark, and look black, but if you look closely in the proper light, you can see they have streaks of a dark rich blue. I think they are some kind of parrots, but I really don't know.

After the parrots finish their morning concert, things quiet down some. There is a street market in the mornings a block away, but it is pretty quiet. Later in the day the club across the street starts piping music, but usually not first thing in the morning. Then as night starts to fall, the birds do their thing again, and then the clubs really pick up. The one across the street isn't bad, but apparently there is one in the building behind me that opens up about 10 pm each night, and they really blast their music.

There is a bank next door, and a vacant lot on the other side, with the town square/park almost directly across the street, so I thought it would be relatively quiet, but apparently I was mistaken. Also, the vacant lot next door is now a construction site. And this morning deviated from the normal relative quiet of the morning with somebody, I think in the park, blasting gospel music. I don't mind a little worship now and then, but some of these songs make country sound musically complex!

Now that I'm done ranting about music and noise, I actually really like it here. Sure, it's a little more difficult to get to sleep some nights, but that just makes it easier to sleep through the birds the next morning, right?

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