Sunday, December 22, 2013

The True Story of Santa Claus

In the early 4th century, Emperor Constantine called together the bishops of Christendom to a Council, in order to resolve theological disputes and establish a consistent theology. One of the bishops in attendance was Nicholas, the bishop of Lycia (part of modern-day Turkey). The biggest dispute in question regarded the divinity of Jesus. Bishop Arius, of Alexandria, held the position that Jesus held a subordinate position to God the Father:  created by God, not co-eternal with God. Nicholas was so offended by this affront to Jesus that he knocked Arius out. Nicholas was arrested for disturbing the peace and spent the rest of the council cooling his heels in prison.

For this valiant defense of Jesus, and for many wondrous works, Nicholas was Sainted. Saint Nicholas came to be remembered much more for his work on behalf of children, and his adamant defense of the Christian faith was largely forgotten. Over time, jolly old Saint Nicholas came to be known as Santa Claus.

This holiday season, as you neglect the human birth of the god Jesus, and focus instead on the traditions of materialist consumerism, please remember to put out a glass of cold milk and a plate of cookies as an important peace offering, because Santa Claus is a bad-ass who will knock your lights out.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

God Loves Gays

Homosexuality is a sin... that Jesus paid for. Just like my sins, and yours, and everyone else's.

In the bible, there are two perspectives on worthiness. One is that we are ALL unholy, and unclean, and there is nothing we can do to clean ourselves up. The second is that we are ALL holy and clean, joint-heirs with Christ.  Reconciliation of this paradox comes through accepting Jesus sacrifice, because he paid the price that we could never pay. Justification through grace.

What makes one sin unacceptable, and another sin covered? What licenses us to deny civil rights to certain sinners? If marriage is to be denied to homosexuals on biblical grounds, it should also be denied to everyone who has EVER had an affair, to everyone who got a divorce for any reason other than adultery, to everyone who has stolen, or told a lie, or back-talked their parents. There would be no such thing as marriage, but at least homosexuals couldn't corrupt our blessed institution, right?


We have no right to pick and choose what sins God hates. God hates ALL sins, but he loves ALL sinners. We have no right to pick and choose which sinners receive civil liberties. As a society, we have a social need to prosecute people for committing acts that do specific, identifiable harm to other specific individuals, but not to create laws that persecute individuals for committing acts that do not, even if we believe such acts harm themselves.

Denying that all God's children should be treated equally denies God's equal treatment of all his children. Targeting specific sins, and specific sinners, as being worthy of greater condemnation denies Jesus' sacrifice. Targeting homosexuals for exclusion from full membership in society denies the power of GOD.

You can be Christian, and you can oppose gay marriage, but you can't be both. Not at the same time.

Jesus paid for gay sinners too, praise God!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back on Blogspot

After more than a year of not posting anything, I have chosen to let my custom domains lapse, and this blog is back at For whatever difference it makes, as I have no concrete plans to update anytime soon.

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