Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Apartment

My apartment is a small studio apartment right on main street. The walls are a ridiculous green, and the floor is colorful tile. Big tiles, though, probably eight inches to the side. I have a full size bed, a TV on a little stand, a dresser, a desk, and a chair. The little kitchen has a mini-fridge, a propane stove (no oven) and of course counter space and a sink. It also came with an assortment of dishes and cooking pans.

Not seeing any flatware other than a big serving spoon, I bought a can opener, a spatula, and a fork, knife, and spoon. When I opened the only drawer in the kitchen, to put them away, I found more silverware, including a couple of can openers. So I spent some money I shouldn't have, but now I have multiple can openers!

The stove is a little cranky, being a propane stove. Only one of the burners is connected to the gas, and the output is not as even as it should be. There is one place in the circle where more gas escapes. At that point, the flames rise much higher, and orange instead of blue. I'm not sure how good that is for the various pots and pans, but it's not as if I have a choice. Plus, the pots and pans technically belong to the same person as the cranky stove, so... no worries.

I was assured by the landlady that the water is safe to drink, but as many days as I've been feeling horrible, I'm doubting it severely. Now I'm only going to drink water that's been boiled. You can get the big five gallon water bottles of Crystal Spring water, but you're supposed to have a bottle to exchange. If you don't it's $25 more. I need to ask my landlady if she has a bottle I can use, and also about where to put my garbage.


  1. I hope it's just bacteria and not parasites! It should clear up soon if it is.

    Can't you get one gallon jugs of water like we do here?

  2. I have not seen one gallon jugs anywhere. The ladies at the grocer said they are available, but they cost more.
    I focused on boiling water before drinking for a couple days, and gradually transitioned back to just drinking tap water. I am doing fine, so I think it was a cold, not a parasite.



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