Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dump Truck Dirt Delivery

I mentioned previously that my apartment is next to a vacant lot, which has become a construction site. I was sitting out on my balcony this morning, having an early lunch, when a dump truck arrived to deliver a load of dirt to the site. It carefully maneuvered to where it could back in to the site, and proceeded to do so.

Almost immediately after getting all three axles of the truck onto the soil of the construction site, the back wheels began to sink into the soil. Before the driver noticed and was able to stop the truck, the back two sets of wheels were half-buried in the muddy soil. The truck delivered its load of dirt, and the workers immediately began shoveling dirt around the back wheels to shore it up enough for the truck to gain traction. The truck was rear-wheel drive, and very stuck.

After the workers had shoveled quite a bit of dirt around the back wheels, the driver climbed into the cab, and tried to move the truck. The passenger-side wheels did nothing but spin, the driver-side wheels didn't appear to move at all. (I don't know how this is possible, but it is what it looked like. The truck was definitely stuck. The driver climbed out of the cab and made a phone call from his cell phone.

Within a couple of minutes, the driver to another dump-truck, which had been parked in front of my building the whole time, arrived. The second dump-truck pulled forward and then backed up to the first. They hooked up chains, and the second truck was able to pull the first truck out of the mud. The truck dropped off the rest of its dirt, and pulled away, leaving a trail of mud for a couple of blocks.


  1. That would have been amusing to watch. It reminds me of the time the station wagon sank into the mud at a family reunion and Grandpa had to pull it out with a tractor or something.

  2. You must be following; that was a really fast response time and I'm not posting it to Facebook until tomorrow when I can add some pictures to it!



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