Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shifting Gears

I was planning to go to Golden Stream yesterday, but there was supposed to be a guy coming to talk about organic gardening, so I stayed at the farm instead. The guy never showed up, though, so it was kind of a wasted day. I did get the area around my tent a little more organized, though.

Today I biked to Big Falls to use the internet, only to find out that during the week they don't open until 5:30. I thought that since last time she said 1 pm, it would be the same, but apparently it opens at 1 pm only on the weekend, and during the week does not open until 5:30. I remembered last time I saw there was a wireless network, after connecting my computer directly with their ethernet cables, so I checked to see if their wireless was up. It was up, and unsecured, so I sat down in front of the building, outside the fence on the grass, and did just a few of the things that were the most important, including updating my blog with the Punta Gorda entry. That worked for this time, but I don't see it being a viable option long-term.

I was thinking about that as I biked home, that with some of the difficulty I have had setting up some of my other projects here, the distance from Internet, etc., this farm might not be the best location for me. There is no mail delivery here, either, which is making my other projects a little more difficult to accomplish.

Then after I got back, Mr. Charles chewed me out for taking the bicycle without asking for permission. The thing is, he is a bit forgetful. I told him at lunch that I was planning to bike to Big Falls again today to use the Internet, and he said it was fine. He also told me that I should be saying thank you to the cook every time at meals, but I have been. It brings me to wonder if there is something particularly non-communicative about the way I communicate, because I have had communication breakdowns of this type before, especially when Bryanna and I were staying at her Mom's a couple of years ago. I have not had any problems since then, though, so I thought the adjustments I made to the way I interact with people after that were effective. Apparently not.

So with the Internet problem, the no mail delivery problem, and now the communication breakdowns with Mr. Charles, I think that my time here at Hummingbird Farm must soon come to an end. Next time I use the internet, I plan to contact some of the other WWOOFing farms in Belize to see if I can make alternate plans. I thought I might see if there are any decent places I could rent in Punta Gorda or Placencia, too.


  1. Funny you titled it "shifting gears" when you talked about biking in it. Great pun!

    I look forward to hearing more about your adventures, your next place to stay, etc.

  2. If I only I could shift gears on the bike I was riding. Old-style one-speed, pedal backwards, to brake. It was crazy.

  3. It's been a long time since I've ridden one of those. Do you have a camelback for long rides?

  4. If I had one, I probably would not have used the space to bring it down here with me. And now I don't have access to a bike anymore anyway.



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