Monday, February 7, 2011

Back in Punta Gorda

When I started working yesterday morning, I was exhausted almost as soon as I started, working sluggishly. I decided that the time had come to leave Hummingbird Farm and move to Punta Gorda town. I packed up all my stuff and took the bus into Punta Gorda. I initially got a hotel room for $46 BZD, a little on the pricy end, I think, but it had a bed and hot showers, which I was grateful for. Then when I was going to the bank to get the money, I spotted some apartments right on Main Street, Sharjay Apartments. I talked to the proprietor, and made arrangements to move in today. I am renting for six weeks, and then I will be returning to the USA.

After getting dinner at the hotel restaurant, I turned in early. I think I had some heatstroke, and slept fitfully all night, but my fever broke around 6 am and I'm starting to get a little energy back. I was left with lingering diarrhea, which could be from the water at the hotel, or it could be a symptom of whatever heatstroke or flu I was dealing with.

I checked out of the hotel this morning a little before eleven, and walked down the street to the Sharjay Apartments, where I paid my rent and moved in. It is furnished, and even has a few pots and pans and dishes. I will use this as my base and possibly do some tourist ventures over the next few weeks. I have much better cell reception in town, so texts are welcome. (Please no calls, though, only texts.)


  1. I'm glad you're a bit more settled now and I hope your bug doesn't come back. I'm also glad we can text now.

  2. Thank you. I am feeling quite a bit better now. It's good to have enough energy to do things like wake up early and photograph the sunrise.



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