Monday, March 7, 2011

Six Weeks in Belize

I have been in Belize for six weeks now, give or take a few days. It has been a great visit, although, I have kept the typical “tourist” adventures to a minimum. Now and again, like tonight in the park in the main square, I meet people and have a conversation. For some reason, people just do not comprehend my visit.

“How long have you been here?” About six weeks.

“What did you come down for?” To take a break from school; clear my hand.

“So you're here with others?” No, by myself.

“Where do you live? Do you stay in a hotel?” No, I have an apartment, right there.

“Six weeks?!!? By yourself? What do you do?” Well, I read, mostly. I do a little writing. I go for walks. I do a little yoga and meditation. I use the internet some. I used to watch movies on cable most every day, while I was cooking dinner, but I gave that up a week or two ago and unplugged my TV.

People can't seem to wrap their heads around it. Why would somebody travel thousands of miles to rent an apartment, and then just sit around and read all day? Well, frankly, that is exactly what I did. I picked Belize for three reasons.

  1. It's in Latin America, where the dollar stretches further, so I can keep my costs down.

  2. I understand the language.

  3. It cost very little to travel down here and did not require expensive Visa applications.

I came to clear my head, because I was burned out on school, to decide if I wanted to stay in accounting, switch to business, drop out and try something else, or simply disappear. It took a little time, but I got what I came for. I know I want to stay in school, and actually increase my course-load the next couple of semesters, to graduate next year. I know I want to switch to business and focus in finance, instead of continuing in Finance. I succeeded in clearing my head.

In having no schedule and no need for one, I discovered the value of developing a schedule. In having no forced routine, I naturally fell into one, and learned my personal need for routine, in spite of how I've constantly chafed at routine. It was not routine that was a problem, but the pointlessness of it. I need good routines, that support me in clear goals that I am fully aware of.

In having no lessons forced on my, and no direction given my, I discovered lessons and direction within, in lessons I have previously learned, and in my personal patterns learned from reading, rereading, and typing up the one Journal volume I brought down with me, which spans the last three years.

In short, it sounds like my days are lazy, but they are very busy in a non-apparent way. It seems like they are pointless, but they have been more valuable to me, less pointless, than any other contiguous six week period of my whole life, with the possible exception of the time I spent in the CTM in Sao Paulo, Brazil eight years ago. I am extremely grateful for the decision I made to make this “pointless” trip to Belize.

That said, I'm also ready to see my family and friends again, and return to normal hectic life.


  1. good.
    good writing.
    good that I get to see you soon!
    Have a good trip!

  2. Someday I'll start self-editing before each post, and then my writing will start improving again. In the meantime, thank you.



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