Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dangriga Again

I am in Dangriga again today. Dangriga is a town in Southern Belize, about halfway between Punta Gorda, where I was staying before, and Belize City, which is the capital, and also the approximate mid-point.
Like Punta Gorda, Dangriga is coastal, but the ocean is more approachable. There are stretches of sand that approximate beaches. (The real beach in the south is in Placencia. That's where everybody goes. I am staying in a small hostel, which has a veranda that looks out over the ocean. Well, kind of. It looks out over a park which abuts the ocean, but there are no structures between the veranda and the ocean. I went out earlier today and went swimming with a group of people who are here on a study abroad trip from Wisconsin.
I am in Dangriga for two nights. I arrived yesterday, and will be leaving tomorrow. Last night there were only three of us staying in the hostel, but it looks like it may be more tonight. The other two last night were two girls, originally from France. One now lives in London, and works as a flight attendant for British Airways, and the other lives in Chiapas, I think, learning about perma-culture.
I walked around a lot more of Dangriga yesterday than I was able to see last time I was here, and went out for dinner with the two French girls. I am continually surprised by the quantity of food you get at these little Chinese restaurants. You order a small plate, and it's a heaping plate that I would consider normal-sized, not small. I don't know how much a large is, I can usually just finish a small.
Tomorrow I will be continuing onward to Chetumal. I hope that I will have another chance to write from the hostel in Chetumal, but no guarantees.


  1. Wow! Enjoy your last few days. How does that quote go about it not being the destination, but the journey matters too? Sounds like you are making the most of your journey as well.

  2. I think that my trip down I did too fast, just go, go, go. I should have scheduled a couple of days in Mexico City, in Chetumal, and in Belize City, before continuing on to Hummingbird Farm, but I had arranged an arrival date, and I was anxious to meet it.
    This time I planned backward from my flight, keeping each day's bus trip reasonable, and booking hostels at major points. I could have done a day in Belize City, too, but I wanted to be in Dangriga over the weekend.

  3. Your trip back from Cancun will be extremely fast! You won't see much on that one.

  4. fast in that I'll be on an airplane instead of a bus, but it's still six hours, about the same as the Chetumal - Cancun trip.

  5. In six hours you get so much further in an airplane! Most of the view out the window is pretty boring after a while because you can't see the details.



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