Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Official Plan

I don't hate accounting, but I am not exactly loving it anymore. I have a strong belief that you should love what you do, and if you can't, find something to do that you can. That makes not loving accounting anymore a significant event.

Partly I burned out, partly I got bored (and no, in my paradoxical world, those are not antithetical to each other), and partly I just can't stand any more bitter freezing winter months of snow, ice, perma-frost, and coldness.

I am not ready to give up on education entirely, even though a Master's degree has no relevance to the real world, outside of whatever limited career fields it channels you into. An MBA has more real world applicability than most Master's though. I will contact my school to do what it takes to switch from the Masters in Accountancy to the MBA program.

This semester, I have reconfigured my schedule to take trailers instead of regular classes. At my business school, the semesters are broken up into regular ten-week classes (two credits each, typically), followed by more specialized five-week classes (one credit each), known as trailers. I can't take as many credits this way, but I can structure my schedule to not start classes until the last week of March.

I am in Utah presently, (hoping to write about the drive down from Washington in the next couple of days), and actively trying to sell my car. Once I've sold my car, I will take Greyhound further south into Mexico City, and then local buses to Chetumal and then across the border into Belize. I will be volunteering on organic farms, working on sustainable development of agro-culture and helping organic farms integrate into the local economies and provide greater strength and support to local economies.

In addition to my volunteer work, I will be doing some writing and other internet projects to begin developing a little more income, so that my future income sources will be less geographically dependent than they are now. If my income projects are doing well enough, and I really like Belize, I may drop my trailers and repay my student loans, but that's not currently the official plan.

The official plan is to return for my trailers, and then continue working on my MBA. In the fall, I will take regular classes and no trailers, to escape as much of the winter as I can. For the following semester, I will apply for the Jesuit MBA program, and try to spend that semester somewhere warming, but taking full-time classes. That's the long-term plan.


  1. I think this is a lot more thought out than it was when you originally talked to me about what your are doing, and it think a couple of things: First, this makes a lot more sense than running from the Feds. Second, even if it weren't a better plan, it sounds like a better plan (ie, your presentation is superior).

    Finally, Good luck!

  2. Sounds like you have it all thought out. I think I'll post the rest as an email.



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