Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hummingbird Farm: First Impressions

The farm where I am staying in is reasonably big, about 112 acres. Most houses in this part of Belize are built up on stilts, for protection from hurricanes. There is a ladder up to the main floor, and I stayed last night on a mattress up on the second floor. It has a thatch roof, and 3/4 walls, so there is a good breeze going through. I will be setting up my tent later today, and sleeping under a palapia (pavilion).

The owner is an eccentric former New Yorker who moved out here about 10 years ago. He has been gradually building out the farm and trying to make connections with local restaurants to sell produce to. There are a few locals who work for him and live on the property. In addition to that, there is one other WWOOFer who is here until tomorrow. Sarah, from New Hampshire.

I spent the morning watering plants in the garden, dragging cuttings from the trees they use to make roofs for the palapas, and raking leaves. We start working at about 7 am, and work until lunch time. The locals that work for Mr. Lucas also work in the afternoon, but WWOOFers have the afternoons off. Today I am visiting with Sarah as she gets her hair braided by one of the local women that works here, and tomorrow we will be going to Punta Gorda. She is going to show me around, and then I will be returning to the farm. She will be going on to another farm that’s a little more secluded for a couple weeks. She might stop by here for another week before going home, but does not know yet.

The closest Internet access is a 20-30 minute bus ride away, and costs $4BZD ($2USD) each way, so I will only be updating my blog every couple of days. I will try to write every day, though, and build up a backlog of entries, so once I get regular internet I can continue posting even if my day-to-day activities at that point are a little less interesting.

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