Tuesday, July 28, 2009

eRepublik investment Contract

The following is the provisional investment contract. Please PM MasterGerund or SRM Holdings in game with modifications. Contract will be posted to forum once I have received approval and commitment to accept from all six investors.

Edit note: penalties section has been rewritten following recommendations by Romulus Tiberius Aquilinus.

If you're not from eRepublik and wondering what this is all about, you can check it out here. A list of regions that are good places to start.

Investment contract between SRM Holdings and Investors.

SRM Holdings represented by MasterGerund.

Shares will be issued in SRM Holdings for purchase of a Q1 Weapons company located in the eUSA.

Shares subscribed as follows:

danch51 5 shares
guggaburggi 1 shares
Kaminoshi 5 shares
Romulus Tiberius Aquilinus 5 shares
The Merchant 1 shares
K72Wind0maker 5 shares

Each share will be purchased for 1 Gold, which will be donated by the investor to SRM Holdings, upon acceptance of the contract, with the exception of Kaminoshi, who already donated his 5G to MasterGerund, and guggaburggi, who already transferred his 1G to MasterGerund. MasterGerund has transferred this 6G to SRM Holdings.

MasterGerund will work for Q1 Weapons company and will receive a daily salary of 2USD and 1 Q1 weapon. MasterGerund will not own shares.
Profits will be totaled every 7 days, beginning day 624. Each share will receive 4% of weekly profits, payable in gold. Profit payments will continue until each share has received 1.15 gold.

The end result represents a 15% profit above original investment. Once each shareholder has received 1.15 gold per share, the contract will be recognized as complete and no party will have any further obligation to any other party.

Each investor must agree sign this contract and contribute their investment to SRM Holdings within 24 hours of the contract’s posting.

No modification or tampering shall be made by any party involved in this investment. If any change is made by an investor, that investor will forfeit their investment and it shall become the property of SRM Holdings.
If the contract is agreed to, but the investment is not donated to SRM Holdings within 1 hour of the time contract is agreed to, this contract shall become null and void between the investor and business.
If the investment is donated to SRM Holdings but no signature is provided, the gold shall be returned and contract shall be deemed null and void between investor and SRM Holdings.
If an investor receives a temporary ban, their share of profits will be delayed until SRM Holdings or MasterGerund receives a PM from the investor announcing their return.
If an investor receives a permanent ban, or if they die, their shares have no further value.

SRM Holdings and MasterGerund shall at no time modify this contract after the contract is signed by MasterGerund. If contract is modified by SRM Holdings or MasterGerund, admin will seize accounts from MasterGerund and SRM Holdings and compensate for all gold lost by investors.

If SRM Holdings receives the gold from investors and does not use gold as intended by the interests of the investors and this contract, admin will access the accounts of SRM Holdings and MasterGerund, liquidate their inventory, and compensate investors to an amount equivalent to 1.15 gold per share owned.

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