Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have started using twitter more than I previously was. Still, I hate loading twitter and seeing a stream of twits from one poor twat. So I mostly only follow people that update maybe a couple times a day at most. If somebody posts more frequently, and I want to see it, I subscribe to it using Google Reader.
I registered with http://wefollow.com/ and got a couple new followers within a few minutes; that was pretty impressive.
And I added a twitter widget to my blog, it's currently on the left.

What do people think about my current layout? Too busy, needs features, has annoying features, bad colors, good colors... Here's your chance to make a difference on something completely unimportant. ;)


  1. Do you know how to delete your account so that it is no longer associated with WeFollow and you are not listed in any ctegory? Simply disallowing the application access to your account is not enough; I tried that last week.

  2. I already disallowed the application access; I usually do that right away after setting up a new twitter application.
    I couldn't find instructions or any indicator of how to delete your account. I would suggest sending an email to support@wefollow.com requesting your removal.

  3. I'm not wild about the pumpkin. I do like the simple layout, not a lot of ribbons and cute little pictures everywhere. A picture now and then in a post is eye-catching, though, but it does take time to find one that is related.



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